With so many variables present in the machining process, it's essential to optimize every possible factor to achieve world-class efficiency.

To maximize the life of your cutting tool and minimize problems in the production process, keep these general guidelines in mind when using your Tungsten ToolWorks products:

  • Tungsten ToolWorks solid carbide cutters are high-performance tools that perform best in a machining environment characterized by rigid fixturing and minimal spindle runout.
  • As a general rule, the peripheral speed of solid carbide tools will vary with the hardness of the material being cut. The harder the material, the slower the speed.
  • Attention to proper speed and feeds will eliminate vibration, chatter and overheating, as well as extend tool life.
  • High and/or insufficient speed will cause work surface glazing and poor tool life.
  • Chipping of cutting edges indicates chatter, which can be caused by too high a speed, too light a cut, or improper support of the tool or workpiece.
  • Handling is also very important; sharpened cutting edges should never be allowed to come into contact with any hard object (or another tool) in a non-machining environment, as they will chip easily.
  • Keep your Tungsten ToolWorks products in their original protective packaging until ready for use.

Tungsten ToolWorks is a manufacturer of customized (special) solid carbide cutting tools, sold worldwide under the Tungsten ToolWorks brand name. Products include solid carbide end mills, drills, reamers, burrs, micro tools, sub-miniature tools, micro tools, engraving tools, boring tools, keyseat cutters, burrs, slitting saws, carbide cylinders, countersinks, routers, radius mills, CBN tools, compression tools, and more. Technologies include SmoothCoat PVD hard coatings, SmoothGrind polished cutting edges, SmoothEdge prep and hone, and SmoothContricity shrink fit ready shanks. Coatings include D2 CVD diamond, D1 PVD amorphous diamond, TA TiAlN, AT AlTiN, TN TiN, TC TiCN, and A1 TiB2. Industries using our products include aerospace, semiconductor, die & mold, micro (nano) machining, woodworking, medical, consumer electronics, automotive and more. Workpiece materials to be drilled, milled, reamed, routed, engraved and more include titanium (6Al-4V, 5553), stainless (303, 304, 316, 410, 420, 440C, 15-5, 17-4, 13-8, 316L), tool steels (A2, D2, H13), general steels (1018, 1020, 4140, 4340, P20), Inconel (625, 718), cast iron, non-ferrous materials including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, wood & plastics, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), graphite, composites, fiberglass, and more. Tungsten ToolWorks is a Tool Alliance company.